Real Fans in Real-Time on Your Site

The FanChatter Box is a lightweight social media aggregator + publisher that can be placed on any site as a hub of fan activity. See an example below.

The FanChatter Box displays a real-time feed of your fans' Facebook updates, Wall posts, and tweets and allows them to chatter directly by signing in with Facebook and/or Twitter.

Content published from the box is posted back to Facebook and Twitter containing your featured hashtag (example: #TWolves) and a short URL link to your site.

And users can "Like" your Facebook page from the box, which is a requirement if they want to chatter using their Facebook account.

Be advised: fans have been known to visit the FanChatter Box several times a day for live updates about their favorite subject. The future of fan chat is here, and it looks great on your smartphone, too.

Demo Your Own FanChatter Box

Click here to request a free FanChatter Box demo for your organization or interest.

Demos are turned around within a day.

For FanChatter's "Freemium" pricing information or any other questions, contact us.